Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 1...

I'm so excited to finally be in London! It seems like I've been waiting for this experience for ever.
The jet lag definitely got to me. In fact, let's just say that yesterday was the longest day of my life! We thought it would be smart to take Ambien on the flight from Atlanta to London, so we would sleep and be ready to start our day off at 7:15 am when we arrived. However, that proved to be non effective at all. Sleep was still unattainable and my eyes are finally not glazed over anymore!
Fighting through the tiredness definitely provided some priceless moments...
As soon as we got to the London center, we took a walk around our quaint little neighborhood. (I definitely wouldn't mind living here!) We were starved, but didn't want to waste our first meal in London on something lousy. Instead, we wanted to start off with a bang! Something cultural. "Noodles Oodles" looked rather appetizing from the outside but boy were we wrong! We sat down and quickly realized that we didn't recognize anything on the menu. We asked the waitress who barely spoke any English what her favorite dish was. It looked like old noodles with throw up on top... not even joking!! A guy at the table next to us had a dish that looked okay, so we asked what it was and decided that was probably our safest option. Haha not safe at all! And it left a terrible after taste! We decided we don't have to eat there again, but we did recommend it to a few people! Haha
We then had our first tube adventure! We couldn't figure out how to use our oyster cards to get through the gates. Haha Kaitlyn decided the ticket slot looked like it would work... instead it just got stuck and we had to have some man come open the machine and fish her card out! He said, "Whatcha do that for?" British accents sound lighthearted and sarcastic so of course we just laughed it off, when in fact he was completely serious and annoyed. Little did we know, you just have to touch your oyster on a magnetic strip to walk through.
However, after that first incident we were very proud that we made it to Westminster where we saw the famous Big Ben, Parliament Houses, and Westminster Abbey.

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